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Boxes full of daily practices that will help us heal our souls and remain in our power despite any trauma or sadness in our lives. 

  • Q: How will they benefit me?
    At times life can feel overwhelming. Sometimes we all need a reminder that things demand our own healing. These boxes were created to help you realize that you (and only you) are the key to your own happiness. Whether for yourself or a loved one, my hope is that this package will help the recipient stay focused and uplifted during times of sadness or despair, bringing Light when one needs it most.
  • Q: What’s in the boxes?
    Each box is curated to help you with what you’re going through. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, a breakup, or healing from narcissistic abuse, the boxes are designed to help you get through your trauma. Within these boxes are tools that will help you center yourself in order to navigate through life’s many challenges or traumas. Included in all three boxes are: a link to a downloadable custom guided meditation dealing with self love and moving on from trauma; a blog subscription; essential oil with inhaler; positive affirmation flashcards; white sage with instructions for smudging your home/space; a gratitude journal; and more. These boxes can be given as a gift to someone whom you know is going through a rough time OR you can choose to donate a box to a person in need. A raffle will be held each month for a winner of a donated box.
  • Q: Why should I subscribe to the blog?
    When you subscribe to the blog you’re automatically entered to win products from our sponsors! You will also have access to monthly emailed blog posts with emotional coping/healing tips, personal stories, 10% off website purchases and you will qualify for bi-weekly raffles for products and apparel. You can subscribe to the Blog here.
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